CSR policy

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an integral part of the strategy of KPN Internedservices. The overview below shows the CSR themes Internedservices will further develop in the near future and which serve as the pillar of our CSR strategy.

  • Management of the organization
  • Human rights
  • Employees (labor practice) (working conditions)
  • Environment
  • Honest business
  • Consumer topics
  • Social commitment

All of our CSR activities and the way we give attention to and implement these are annually analyzed. This results in the following assessment:

  • We identify and analyze risks related to our code of conduct and corporate values;
  • The market: we show respect and honesty towards clients, employees and suppliers, and engagement with key stakeholders in the digital economy;
  • Internedservices pursues a proactive policy as to the reduction of CO2 emissions and therefore mainly does business with datacenters that are ISO 14001 certified, since these have the largest impact on the environment because of energy consumption and the CO2 emissions related hereto (CO2 footprint);
  • We compensate the CO2 emission produced by our datacenters with an internet forest (Apeldoornse Orderbos). Internedservices was one of the first Dutch internet companies to plant multiple acres of birch forest in order to offset emissions.
  • Internedservices is housed in a modern and energy efficient office (sustainable building) in which we make maximum use of renewable energy. Striving to reduce power consumption within our organization as much as possible thus reducing our own CO2 emission;
  • The HRM policy of Internedservices endorses the equality principle. Employees of Internedservices hold office based on merit, no distinction is made on the basis of ethnicity, culture, religion, gender and/or other personal preferences and beliefs;
  • All employees are evaluated or assessed at least once a year;
  • Internedservices contracts at least two interns or graduates per year;
  • We monitor and control employee absenteeism through illness;
  • In order to anchor the CSR issues more securely, the responsibility for achieving the 2015 CSR objectives has been more explicitly assigned to line management;
  • Suppliers are strongly encouraged (Supplier Management) to declaring to explicitly adhere to global citizenship measures which, in accordance with children’s rights, prescribe children should attend school and should not be put to work;
  • We aim for at least 2 (sustainable) innovations by collaborating with partner organizations;
  • Internedservices encourages clients, resellers and end users to conduct proactive campaigns on CSR.

Internedservices is constantly striving to expand these themes and add new ones.