Assurance as the basis for successful cooperation

  • High level ICT solutions improve your operational management, but you want guarantees. We understand that better than anyone. We therefore go to great lengths to guarantee quality and safety and take assurance seriously. We are one of the few Dutch ICT providers with a triple ISO certification.

    You can rest assured that we incessantly work on sustaining the quality of our products. Assurance is one of our biggest priorities. KPN Internedservices is one of the few ICT providers in the Netherlands with a triple ISO certification (ISO 20000, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001). We also have a ISAE-3402 type II accreditation as well as PCI-DSS and ISO 14001 compliant datacenters in the Netherlands.

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  • ISO 20000

    Service Management based on international best practices

    Our services, e.g. our Incident Management and Change Management, are based on international best practices. This means that we deal with incidents quickly and effectively and protect the integrity of your solutions. In our SLAs we define clearly and exactly what our services consist of. You know exactly what you may expect from us where it comes to services, availability, recovery, monitoring as well as resolution and reaction times.

    > Internedservices ISO 20000 UK

  • ISO 9001:2008

    Offering high quality

    As an organization, we continually strive to offer the highest quality, anchored in ISO 90001. By continuously evaluating our processes according to the ISO 9001 standard, we ensure consistency in the way we deal with our clients. ISO 9001 requires an organization to continually strive for improvement. Which is exactly what we do, by making processes more and more effective and efficient. And, of course, you benefit from this.

    > Internedservices ISO 9001 UK

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2013

    Information safely managed

    You want the guarantee that we secure and manage your data in a professional way. We do this according to the ISO/IEC 27001 standard. This standard covers a broad spectrum of assets. From digital information, written information and physical resources such as computers and networks to knowledge held by individual employees. Our approach provides security to you and your clients.

    > Internedservices ISO 27001-2013 UK

  • ISAE-3402

    Certainty as to internal processes and measures

    The ISAE-3402 type 2 accreditation provides you certainty as to our internal processes and the control measures we take to ensure the quality in our services. By adhering to ISAE-3402 we are always able to provide uniform information both to clients and external auditors who review all control measures. Because of this we can always show that we are ‘in control’.

  • NEN 7510:2011

    Information security in the healthcare sector

    As an organization in the healthcare sector you want to have additional certainties in the field of information security at your disposal. The need for information security in healthcare is becoming increasingly important. High demands are made on HMOs and thus on the IT solutions used. Thanks to our NEN 7510 certification it is possible for you to meet the new quality standards when outsourcing this expertise to Internedservices.

    > NEN 7510-2011 certification Internedservices (NL)


    Information security for the Payment Card Industry

    With Internedservices you have a partner that is a registered PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. That means that we can take on responsibility for a large number of requirements of the PCI DSS. On all other components we have experience and we can perfectly support you. We also relieve you by doing documentation management, acting as PCI DSS rolls and and making our procedures available. All of that can strongly relieve you by the daily management and simplifies the implementation of a PCI DSS compliant environment.

    > Internedservices PCI DSS VOC-Consultancy certificate

  • Reliability

    Your data is safe with us.

  • Availability

    Your business-critical ICT solutions are permanently available.

  • Integrity

    We work transparently and are easily  approachable.