1DayFly.com was founded in 2006 by Roderick Voerman, Director, and is currently active in 3 countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. 1DayFly sells several products a day with a 20 to 50% and often even higher discount! The sale ends when the stock runs out, or when the maximum of 24 hours elapses. The sale starts at 12:00h and from that moment on traffic is huge.

The Business Case

  • “In 2014 we acquired Waat.nl”, Voerman says. “The main reason for this acquisition is that Waat.nl and 1DayFly.com complement each other so well. In addition, Waat.nl, just like 1DayFly.com, has a long history and is therefore very experienced in the field of 1-day deals”.

  • “We need a system that is secure, always up and will never cause us any email problems. In addition, the system needs to be robust in order to cope with the peaks after 12:00h. That is the reason for choosing KPN Internedservices, a collaboration that started well over 8 years ago”.

  • “As for me I would directly sign another 4-year contract with Internedservices!”

    – Roderick Voerman, Director 1DayFly.com

  • The Solution

    1DayFly makes use of Managed Hybrid Cloud. The smart caching techniques of Internedservices ensure data is served to visitors as quickly as possible. In addition, this environment is fully secured with Internedservices SSL certificates, the domain names have been registered through Internedservices and the exchange environment (email) has also been set up by Internedservices.

    Voerman: “The support offered by the Internedservices Linux team is top notch. Whenever extra capacity is needed, the team acts/reacts immediately and puts off administratively processing this till afterwards. At other companies this is done beforehand, often causing you to miss out on commercial opportunities. We have to be always ‘up’. If not, then our clients will flock to the competitor. Another reason for choosing Internedservices is the great cooperation between Internedservices and our web development agency. This triangular relationship is very close and unburdens 1DayFly.com. Moreover our fulfilment is outsourced to Docdata, which happens to be another of Internedservices’s clients!”

  • The Result

    The annual growth of 1DayFly.com is 40 to 50%. In 2013 it recorded a turnover of €8.5 million, and in the meantime the €10 million has been exceeded. The company currently employs 14 persons. For now Voerman has no plans to serve other regions. “There is still plenty of potential in our current markets. That’s where our focus lies.”

    Voerman says: “The daily deals market has transformed into a serious sales channel. Manufacturers and distributors approach us actively. As a result of this, cooperation is key and Internedservices strongly contributes to this. Since the start of our cooperation with Internedservices the system has never been down. Our email system, which is our main link with our customers, is always up and running thanks to Internedservices. This needs to remain unchanged, since it is very important for our image and for customer trust!”

    “As for me that’s the reason I would directly sign another 4-year contract with Internedservices!”

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