Ammeraal Beltech

Ammeraal Beltech delivers worldwide transport and process conveyor belts. The company has been built by a long series of acquisitions. This has had its impact on the IT. While the new factories of Ammeraal Beltech are technical wonders, IT was lacking behind significantly. Each of the more than thirty companies had its own ERP, CRM, etc. systems. Often supported by a legacy infrastructure, maintained in house by a single employee.

The Business Case

  • The aim of Ammeraal Beltech is to further develop the whole group more coordinated and synchronous. For this Ammeraal Beltech requires unified and secure IT. They however do not want to invest in any expensive IT infrastructure necessary to accomplish the set goal. That is why Ammeraal Beltech decided to outsource their IT. Going into the Cloud offers higher security and availability guarantees, at far lower costs. Michael Vogel, CEO Ammeraal Beltech: “We choose KPN Internedservices for two reasons. First of all they showed us that they have the technique and expertise to service us.

  • But equally important is the fact that we want to be an important customer for our hosting supplier. There are for sure bigger hosting companies to be found that even work internationally. We however would be a relatively small customer for them. This means that you have to stand back inline and have to work with the standard products they accidently offer. Our requirements and demands are however that complex that we prefer a custom fit solution. This requires a proactive thinking partner. By choosing for Internedservices we ensured ourselves of this.”

  • “Our wishes and requirements are so complex we want a customized solution. This requires a partner that participates in our thinking process. By choosing for Internedservices we are assured thereof.”

    – Michael Vogel, CEO Ammeraal Beltech (r)

  • The Solution

    The business case was: how can Ammeraal Beltech provide the best performance and stability for worldwide delivery of consolidated company data? With the solutions that Ammeraal Beltech delivers as a baseline, Internedservices has taken up this challenge. The DeskHub solution from Internedservices proved to be an excellent starting point for the concept. Ammeraal is able to easily build up on DeskHub by adding their applications and solutions. In the Request For Proposal process Ammeraal got the confirmation that the Internedservices solution has a solid base. Besides this they were able to freely experiment with a DeskHub demo-account. This was a good move: Ammeraal concluded that Internedservices is a professional organization which has a proven platform ready to be used by Ammeraal. Ammeraal Beltech had already under gone an exhaustive pre-qualifying process in which Internedservices has done a survey to uncover all the business processes and systems of the Ammeraal Beltech companies. This resulted in a clear understanding of the wants and needs of Ammeraal Beltech. 

    At this moment Ammeraal is live with her online workplace in the Netherlands. The migration was a great success and went better than expected. Ammeraal uses both the Internedservices DeskHub and Managed Hybrid Cloud platform. The combination of these platforms enables Ammeraal to offer standardized applications worldwide. Besides this, DeskHub offers Ammeraal the ability to lower the time to market of applications like Navision or CRM. without having to offer the full Office suite. Ammeraal is able to configure and maintain the entire online workplace via This enables Ammeraal to have a full overview of their online workplace by a single click. Last but not least Internedservices offers (in conjunction with Nimsoft) an exhaustive monitoring suite with which Ammeraal is able to monitor the online workplaces at all levels.

  • The Result

    The standard offering from Internedservices forms the base, but the final solution is so complex that it introduces a new phase for both companies. This roll out gives Ammeraal Beltech a huge strategic improvement. Sales representatives worldwide now have access to up dated product information. Furthermore they are able to see what requests or orders are placed by international customers all over the world.

    “Furthermore our audit efforts will be drastically reduced,” says Michael Vogel, CEO of Ammeraal. “As soon as we have a worldwide unified system, we can leave behind the current necessary steps of data conversion and consolidation. There is no need for local accountancy research: our accounts can simply do a system audit. This will lead to substantial cost savings.”

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