Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a public service provider that offers its data-, knowledge- and advice services online, making them place- and time independently available. These services enable entrepreneurs to successfully start their businesses, innovate their products and services and achieve their growth ambitions, both domestic and abroad.

The Business Case

  • Hosting and maintaining high traffic web channels (with approximately 18 million page views a month) is not the core business of the Chamber of Commerce. That is why they were looking for a professional service provider that could support them with their webhosting- and

  • maintenance activities. The web channels of the Chamber of Commerce need to be able to process a very high number of visitor, offer high performance and uptime.

  • “Was exciting, great it succeeded! Super and thanks.”

    – Leo de Waard, Interim Operations Manager Chamber of Commerce

  • The Solution

    The result of the analysis of KPN Internedservices combined with the requirements of the Chamber of Commerce made it clear that the new platform needed to have a high availability. With these requirements in mind Internedservices has created redundancy, security, fall-back options and Disaster Recovery. The capacity and performance of the platform are optimised and can easily be upgraded. For optimum support of the Chamber of Commerce the Internedservices’s Service Level Agreement and DAP are custom made.

  • The Result

    The solution and service from Internedservices ensure the optimum performance of the platform. To overcome exceptional busy times extra capacity can be easily added. The current peak performance is at 4.500 page views per minute, resulting in 30 million page views per week. The average concurrent number of users is 1.000.

    The migration went unnoticed by the customers of the Chamber of Commerce (no complaints have been reported during the migration) and the Chamber of Commerce is very satisfied with the end result and the collaboration with Internedservices.

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