New York Pizza

In 1993 Philippe Vorst wrote together with two fellow students a graduate thesis on setting up a pizza chain in the Netherlands. This was the basis of the business plan for New York Pizza. That same year the first New York Pizza slice branch was opened up at the Amsterdam Spui. This turned out to be a success formula and very soon more branches were added. In 1996 a delivery service under the name New York Delivery was introduced. More than 20 years later the company has become a major player in the Netherlands with a strong focus on the internet. Philippe Vorst, director: “Meanwhile 70% of our business is generated via deliveries ordered on the internet. If you include our affiliates we process about 20.000 orders a week”.

The Business Case

  • Philippe Vorst, director of New York Pizza: “Since 2000 we process orders via the internet. Our old platform dates from 2007”. In 2011 NYP decided to build a new platform. That they were ready for a new platform became very clear after a special offer with a second pizza for free in February 2013. Vorst: “we expected an increase of about 30% in orders.

  • Eventually we sold twice the normal amount. The whole month long. We needed quite a bit of extra band with”.  As New York Pizza was expecting a rapid expansion of its e-commerce activities, an important requirement was a highly scalable platform that can scale up and down when necessary.

  • “We choose KPN Internedservices for its great service and quality.”

    – Philippe Vorst, Director New York Pizza (r)

  • The Solution

    New York Pizza has chosen Managed Hybrid Cloud. “We set very high standards for companies we work with. We select them based on expertise, reliability, quality and accessibility”. During the selection procedure of possible partners, NYP discovered that some contenders were not able to offer all criteria. “That is why we went to the super specialist”, says Vorst.

    The first step Internedservices takes in finding the right solution is understanding the customer’s strategy for the next few years. Next step is finding the platform requirements that support todays and future customer demands. Quality is always the number one priority in the design. This results in the correct uptime, quality of service and the level of outsourcing Internedservices offers. The baseline for Internedservices is quality with an affordable price.

  • The Result

    In 2013 the new platform was realised. Enabling New York Pizza to grow endlessly without jeopardising up time.

    New York Pizza signed a four year contract with Internedservices at the end of 2012 and stated the expectation of receiving the same service oriented approach from Internedservices as received in the past six years. The platform is ready to enable the ambitious plans and further growth of New York Pizza.

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