Van den Tweel Groep

With over 1,100 employees Van Den Tweel Groep is one of the largest family-owned companies of Central Netherlands. The company started over 100 years ago as a trading company of groceries. The company has grown into a group of companies that consists of a retail group with 10 supermarkets, 5 liquor stores and 2 grocery wholesale companies. The group also contains a food service group with two hotels, an event and conference center and an exhibition center, a real estate enterprise and an investment company.

The Business Case

  • In 2008 Van den Tweel Horeca Groep merged with Regardz Hospitality Group, a chain of meeting room locations. Expectations were that bringing together the hotels and conference centers would create an advantage in exploitation. Unfortunately the market dropped further and further, and the identities of the two companies did not match. That is why the two major shareholders decided to part at the first of July 2012. Marc van Wijngaarden, IT Manager of Van den Tweel Groep: “At the time I was working as Head of ICT at the Regardz

  • Hospitality Group and had set up a centralized Citrix-environment. I then subsequently had to dismantle the environment”. He needed to unbundle four locations. “The user-centric philosophy of Apple formed the base for the unbundling. A solution which allows users without specific knowledge to do what they want. IT as an enabler instead of a goal.” At the time Van Wijngaarden approached multiple parties. KPN Internedservices put him on the path to the cloud.

  • “You use what you need, and pay only for what you use.”

    – Marc van Wijngaarden, IT Manager Van den Tweel Groep

  • The Solution

    Van den Tweel Groep chose DeskHub and Managed Hybrid Cloud by Internedservices. The unbundling had to be done within 3 months and incorporated four projects: the workplace environment, the pms system (hotel property management system), the HR system and the financial software. It meant the transition from a Citrix environment managed and owned by Van den Tweel to a cloud-based Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

    All centrally stored employee data such as mail, data and photos had to be transferred to the cloud. “The plan was to do this in seven days. Something that is not easy as we are a 24×7 company. But we made it! We had to work day and night to upload the total of 2 TB of data”, tells Van Wijngaarden.

  • The Result

    Every workplace at the hotel and event locations now works in the cloud via the Internedservices DeskHub™ Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. That are over 125 users at five different locations.

    All projects were realized within approximately three months, which is very fast. Van Wijngaarden: “I could have chosen another solution, but then I would still not have finished. Looking at the costs, things are very positive. Internedservices understands our business, is involved and unburdens us. The DeskHub and Managed Hybrid Cloud solutions offer us continuity, flexibility and scalability. Together we are ready for the future.”

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