Referral Partner Program

  • Do you as a referral partner of KPN Internedservices, wish to effortlessly increase your revenue while strengthening your customer relationships at the same time?

  • Broaden your advisory role and strengthen your customer relationship

    ICT is becoming more functional; your customer knows what he wants. The underlying technology, however, is becoming increasingly complex and offers more and more opportunities. That is why your customer needs expert advice.

    By bringing the services and solutions Internedservices provides to the attention of your customer, you demonstrate not only being knowledgeable but also helpful when it comes to assisting him to get the best out of his IT.

  • We offer our customers the option of hosting and advice them Internedservices. This advice is often followed.

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  • No effort or expense to participate and your revenue increases nevertheless

    We do not charge you any costs for participating in this program. You recommend our products and services to your relations and when we conclude a new contract, you will receive an attractive remuneration from us.

    All efforts are made by Internedservices, from the presentation of our services and solutions to your customer to the preparation and conclusion of the agreement and the implementation.

    Are you interested in participating in this program and the conditions involved? Please contact us.

  • Advice from a Partner Business Manager

    Our referral partners can benefit from the expertise of one of our Partner Business Managers.

    These professionals can advise you and help you select or develop the right solutions for your customers.

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  • Win-win

    Increase your revenue effortlessly and service your customers even better by pointing out the possibilities created by the services of Internedservices.

  • Curious as to the possibilities for your organisation?

    Contact one of our specialists now.

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