Reseller Partner Program

The Reseller Partner Program of Internedservices is intended for:

  • Automation Experts

    • Leverage the growing demand for services based on a ‘cloud-model’
    • Make use of the reliable and scalable platform of Internedservices
    • Focus on providing your own added value
  • Full Service Internet Bureaus

    • Respond to changing demand and ensure optimal performance of web environments
    • Easily design and implement both production and test environments
    • Offer your customers a full service; from technology up to your added value
  • System Integrators

    • Leverage the demand for hybrid cloud models
    • Make use of the many integration possibilities our products offer
    • Create a one-stop-shop for your customers
  • We will gladly inform you as to how we enable you as a partner, to grow your revenue from current customers and attract new ones.

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  • Broaden your portfolio and advisory role

    ICT is becoming more functional; your customer knows what he wants. The underlying technology, however, is becoming increasingly complex and has a faster impact on organisations. Your customer therefore requires thorough advice that goes beyond technology. As possibilities increase, so does the need for customized solutions.

    By making use of our complete portfolio of premium cloud solutions, you are able to offer a package of services that meets your customers’ needs.

  • We guarantee our customers that our solutions work. As far as hosting is concerned we rely on Internedservices 100%. We have been working with Internedservices satisfactorily since 2000. I don’t want to have to think about whether or not the hosting is properly arranged.

    Author's imageAte van der MeerMarketing and Sales Director Snakeware
    Read the entire Snakeware case
  • No investment and start straight off

    Your customer wants to pay per use, but also technical support that is available 24/7. Internedservices gives you the opportunity to offer your customers these Cloud & IT services at a healthy margin without investments in hard- and software on your part. Your customer obtains these services from you and Internedservices provides the cloud services with the corresponding promise of pay-per-use and outstanding technical support.

  • 24/7

    tech support

  • We collaborate with Internedservices because it is a party that delivers quality, is reliable and very accessible.

    Author's imageKlaas JansenDirector Jansen Pro Office, Premier Partner
  • White labeled portal

    We provide you as a reseller with a complete white labeled portal, which can be personalized by adding your logo and/or changing the color to match your corporate identity.

    When you log into this portal, you enter a neutral management environment, which does not refer to Internedservices. This portal allows you to view and manage the services purchased per customer.




    Increase your current customer turnover and attract new customers without large investments.

    Deploy our proven experience in designing, managing and providing cloud & IT services to better suit your customers’ requirements.

  • Curious about the possibilities for your organisation?

    Ask Ronald Sluijs – Partner Account Manager

    Are you enthusiastic about the solutions we offer and are you interested to know how we can realise this for your organisation? Mail Ronald or call him at +31 (0)6 – 24553782. You can also complete the form below, he will then contact you.