We do business together

  • When you decide to do business with an organization, you want the assurance that it completely matches the things that are important to your organization. Such as professionalism, safety and transparency. In addition, you may also require this company to be fully aware of the latest developments in the field and where possible even to stay ahead of the market. After all your company will also benefit from this.

  • Since we consider this to be at least as important as you do, KPN Internedservices is an active member of several trade associations which not only represent the interests of leading Dutch providers and ICT companies, but also further professionalize the sector. As a supplier and the largest independent cloud provider in the Netherlands we believe in teamwork, something we also implement at branch level. Below you will find more information about the trade associations we work with.

  • Dutch Hosting Provider Association

    The Dutch Hosting Provider Association (DHPA) is a collaboration of leading hosting and cloud providers and leading suppliers. In recent decades, the Dutch online sector has become an indispensable factor both in the national as well as in the international economy. The DHPA represents this sector by adhering to a set of core values which match those of Internedservices: professionalism, quality, safety and transparency.

    As a member of the DHPA we meet the guidelines of the DHPA Code of Conduct. These contribute to a safe and reliable service and give substance to our responsibility to society and our staff. We apply the Notice&Takedown code of conduct, which protects the interests of legitimate content owners. We thus contribute to the exclusion of illegal content from our platforms and from society.

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  • Digital Infrastructure Netherlands

    The Digital Infrastructure Netherlands (DINL) foundation connects the providers of digital infrastructure in the Netherlands. This foundation is of great importance because society is becoming more and more dependent on the Internet. The DINL talks with and advises the government on the operation and development of the Internet, thus increasing the confidence in the online economy.

    As a representative of the online sector it connects datacenters, hosting industry, network providers and associations playing a facilitating role. In short, all key players that form the Dutch internet.

    Read our article on Netherlands, the digital gateway to Europe* and see the necessity of a foundation that represents the right interests.