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  • We’d love to explain how Internedservices keeps you online 24/7.

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  • Act quickly and effectively

    Acting quickly and effectively is very important for you as a provider of online services. If you are offline for a moment your customers are directly affected. For Internedservices, acting quickly and effectively is just as important. We understand both your wishes and your requirements to a cloud provider. We are dedicated to your success, as we call it.

    To be successful in the current online world your IT must meet several demands: uptime, speed, scalability and security. Almost all online service organisations use one or more cloud services, simply because on-premise solutions cannot meet all requirements. We can help you make a succesful transition.

  • “84% of CIOs state to have experienced a large cost reduction since the transition to the cloud.”

    Author's imageJim LavertyPresident - IRMS-360

  • Why Internedservices?

    Internedservices is one of the largest Dutch providers of IT and cloud solutions. Founded in 1996 and grown through mergers and acquisitions to become the leading IT & Cloud Services Provider in the Netherlands.

    We are specialists in managed hosting, online (hosted) workstations, security and connectivity. Especially for organisations that provide online services Internedservices is the perfect candidate. In the 20 years Internedservices exists, we have helped several online services providers transition to the cloud successfully. With our extensive experience we can truly help your organisation.

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  • Speed and uptime

    Uptime has the highest priority nowadays. Demanding that you are online 100% is a logical requirement for many online organisations. You don’t want to worry about uptime so you can use your time to do things you are good at. Internedservices is one of the few cloud providers that can say with certainty that 100% uptime can be guaranteed. You can rely on that.

    Speed is equally important. To be online all the time you need an IT provider that can realise this for you. You want your applications to run perfectly and be accessible for everyone. If your applications aren’t fast enough your customers will quickly be looking for an alternative. Internedservices has several solutions to have your application run perfectly. Curious as to how?

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  • Transition to cloud

  • cost efficient to the cloud

  • Cost efficient to the cloud

    You want to save on costs and enjoy all the benefits of the cloud? Internedservices understands very well that you want to use IT services in a cost efficient way. That is why we offer scalable and flexible solutions on a pay-per-use basis; that way you keep control of your costs and still have all the advantages of the cloud.

    With our hybrid solutions we can offer optimal cost efficiency. You can partially manage your own cloud and we take care of the rest. Of course this solution is also fully scalable and very flexible. We have a page dedicated to our Hybrid Cloud solutions if you want to know more about these.

  • Security, reliability and integrity

    Internedservices understands the importance of security, reliability and integrity of your data. The measures taken and the facilities used by Internedservices are specifically designed to secure these important elements. All measures are audited every year through ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISAE 3402 and NEN 7510. The datacenters are certified according to ISO 14001 standards and strict Dutch governmental guidelines (BIR, VIR, NCSC).

    iso-27001-2013 iso-9001-2008 iso-2000 isea-3402 nen-7510

  • Internedservices offers a broad range of security services:

    • Anti-DDoS (Denial of Services)
    • IDS / IDP (Intrusion Detection Services)
    • Server certificates
    • DigiD authentication for websites
    • HSM (Hardware Security Module for Server certificates)
    • Firewalling (shared and dedicated)
    • Antivirus / anti-spam
    • Security measures in accordance with ISO 27001
    • Internedservices has 5 datacenters for disaster recovery
    • Internedservices is a 100% Dutch company
  • Public cloud

  • The convenience of scalability

    Scalability is a keyword when it comes to IT for the provider of online services. As your business grows you need IT to grow with you. With the solutions Internedservices offers you are prepared for every scenario. You can scale up easily and quickly when you expect more visitors and scale down again after the peak is over. This way you have one of the most efficient cloud solutions available today.


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  • Internedservices has transitioned several online services providers to the cloud successfully.

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