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As a business services provider it is important to move along with market developments. More and more, ICT and the Internet are becoming ‘enablers’ for working more efficiently as well as for tapping into new markets. Your customers’ needs are changing and they make new demands on your services. In recent years, business services providers with a strong IT background have repeatedly proven to be better in responding to changing customer need.

Branches of industry: Professional Services

  • Logistics

    Organisations in logistics are always “on the move” and your business is 24/7, every day of the year. Your IT is no different. Wherever you are, your IT must always be available and online 24/7. Internedservices can realise this for you. With our solutions we can meet all your demands.

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  • Financial services

    If you run an organisation in financial services, you know you depend on uptime and security. Your employees, customers, applications and websites; these should all be able to communicate with each other in a safe and secure way. Imagine not being able to reach your files for a day. This will cost you a lot of stress and above all a lot of money. Internedservices is one of the few providers to guarantee 100% uptime. This means you don’t have to worry and can continue to focus on your expertise.

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  • Advocacy

    Legal organisations need a platform that won’t let them down and that meets all requirements. Security, uptime and ISO certifications are among the most important demands your IT shoud meet. When you manage your own infrastructure and platform these are difficult to realise. Security regulations can be hard to comply with, but this is exactly what you are looking for. You want the guarantee that all data is safely stored in Dutch datacenters for example. The next step to take is outsourcing IT and/or Cloud infrastructure to an external partner that not only has the ability to scale but also has years of experience. Internedservices is that partner.

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  • Innovating together

    “What is the best way for me as a business services provider to facilitate customers that want to do as much as possible online?” “How do I set up my internal processes more efficiently?” These are questions every business in professional services has to deal with. In addition, questions about workplace management and facilitating employees are becoming more relevant. Information must be available anytime and anywhere, especially now that mobile working is becoming more common. This, however, entails new safety requirements

  • The right knowledge and references

    Internedservices being the largest independent cloud provider in the Netherlands, recognizes the specific business needs of companies in the professional services sector. Our experts are able to meet your needs and find answers to your challenges. With 20 years of experience and thousands of references no case will surprise us. Our approach is unique in that we think and innovate along with our clients and work according to a clear and proven method.

  • “As far as I’m concerned, I would sign another 4-year contract with Internedservices without hesitation!”

    – Roderick Voerman, Director

  • Software-as-a-service

    Do you want to make your software available to your customers ‘as a service’ or optimize your SaaS environment? Then you need an environment that provides optimal performance and guarantees availability, scalability and security. You could organize such an environment yourself, but is this one of your core competences? Internedservices can help you maximize the online performance and availability of your business-critical applications as well as facilitate the growth of your business. Cost efficient and fully secure and compliant (with your data in the Netherlands). Reed the cases of Allsolutions (Dutch) and Van Spaendonck (Dutch).

  • Secure, compliant and 24/7 support

    Internedservices can guarantee a high level of security by means of a triple ISO certification, ISAE3402 Type II and PCI-DSS and ISO 14001 compliant datacenters. And of course you can count on 24/7 support of our specialists.

60% of the companies sees a future in hybrid cloud

  • Private, public or hybrid?

    Nowadays you can choose from a variety of cloud types, such as private, public or hybrid. But which of these is the best for your situation? Mostly companies do not want to share the infrastructure used for business-critical applications with others. Keeping grip on their own data and having control over the location and ownership of data are important reasons for choosing a private cloud.

    On the other hand, public cloud offers more flexibility at a lower cost (pay-per-use). The hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds. You yourself can determine the ideal mix and choose which business processes and applications to run and where to run them.

  • Hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure is a global public cloud platform which offers excellent performance, high scalability and hybrid options for connecting to a private cloud  and/or on-premise infrastructure. Internedservices – as the first Hosted Service Provider for Azure in the Netherlands – possesses the implementation expertise to take you to the hybrid cloud successfully; a seamless interaction between your company’s servers (if present), the Managed Hybrid Cloud and the infinite capacity and building blocks of Microsoft Azure, the leading public cloud.

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