Public Sector

The public sector is making the transition to the cloud. While the central government increasingly centralises cloud environments, local governments and public organisations outsource more and more. The intention is to work mostly cloud based by 2017.

The support of websites, applications and infrastructure (24/7), developing knowledge, following cloud innovations and meeting ISO certification requirements is becoming increasingly difficult to secure within your organisation. Outsourcing the IT and/or cloud infrastructure to an external partner that is able to meet these requirements is a logical step. Internedservices is that partner.

  • Healthcare

    As a healthcare provider, you are constantly looking for the answer to the question how healthcare processes can be arranged in a smart, efficient and cost-effective manner. An optimal use of IT in healthcare is essential for this. Smart use of IT takes care of healthcare.

    Therefore you are looking for solutions that contribute to this process. E-health, the use of technology to support or improve health and healthcare, can play a role. For example, by giving patients more control over their health, also called self-management, it is possible to provide more remote care and reduce the pressure in the waiting room. Smart IT which will take care of you.

  • Public Cloud

  • Education

    Today’s students determine the employment market tomorrow. By innovating in the right way you ensure these students are well prepared for the world tomorrow. You want to offer your students the best in terms of applications and software. At the same time this must be done securely and comply with all laws and regulations but also be a scalable and flexible solution. Internedservices understands this all too well.

  • Central government

    As a government agency, you are looking for a platform that will not let you down and meets all requirements. Uptime, security and ISO certifications are among the most important demands you have for your IT. This is often hard to realise with your own infrastructure and own servers. A logical step is outsourcing the IT and/or cloud infrastructure to an external partner that is able to meet these requirements. Internedservices is that partner.

  • The right knowledge and references

    Internedservices, being one of the largest cloud providers in the Netherlands, is aware of the specific needs of public organisations. Our experts are able to fill those needs with you appropriately and to find answers to your challenges. With 20 years of experience and thousands of references no case is new to us. Unique in our approach is that we think and innovate with our customers and work from a clear and proven approach.

  • Security, reliability and integrity

    Internedservices understands the importance of safety, reliability and integrity of your data. The measures Internedservices takes aim to ensure this safety. These measures are therefore checked annually according to the ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISAE 3402 standards, and since early 2015 also in accordance with the NEN 7510 audit standard. In addition, the data centers of Internedservices are certified according to ISO 14001 and meet several Dutch governmental guidelines, such as BIR, VIR and NCSC.

    iso-27001-2013 iso-9001-2008 iso-2000 isea-3402 nen-7510

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