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  • Cloud services for educational institutes

    The cloud offers a solution when it comes to supporting administrative processes, communication and collaboration; think of email, file storage and facilities for collaborating groups of people.

    To properly prepare young people for the job market they need to develop skills that are needed in the knowledge society. Cloud services in education correspond very well with the use of IT by students and pupils.

    Cloud services are available any time, any place and on any device. This makes them an important facility for location and time independent learning.

  • “We need to address digital literacy hard. We must use all the possibilities for support. I also argue for an acceleration of innovation.

    Digital technology must be used to adapt the educational system to the students.”

    Author's imageNeelie KroesFormer European commissioner for Competition

  • Why Internedservices?

    Internedservices is one of the largest suppliers of IT and cloud solutions in the Netherlands. Founded in 1996 and grown through mergers and acquisitions to become the leading IT & Cloud Services Provider in the Netherlands.

    We are specialists in managed hosting, online (hosted) workstations, security and connectivity. Also for the education sector. In the 20 years Internedservices exists, we moved several educational institutions to the cloud successfully. With our extensive experience we can also help your organisation.

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  • Scalability and flexibility

    Scalability is a keyword when it comes to IT for education. Every September the number of students in a school peaks and it’s possible that this number decreases during the year. With the solutions Internedservices offers you are prepared for any scenario. You can easily scale your platform up and down depending on the number of students.

    Flexibility is as important as scalability. Working remotely from several different work places and having the correct information at your disposal have become the standard rather than the exception nowadays within educational institutions. Notebooks and pens are slowly disappearing and are being replaced by laptops and tablets. This calls for flexibility: applications, software and other data should be displayable on any device. Thanks to its extensive experience with educational institutions, Internedservices can offer you exactly what you need.

  • Public cloud

  • Security, reliability and integrity

    Internedservices understands the importance of security, reliability and integrity of your data. The measures taken and facilities offered by Internedservices are meant to guarantee this security. All measures are evaluated every year through ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISAE 3402, NEN 7510 and PCI-DSS. Also the datacenters of Internedservices are certified according to ISO 14001 and we meet the guidelines of strict Dutch laws (BIR, VIR, NCSC).

    iso-27001-2013 iso-9001-2008 iso-2000 isea-3402 nen-7510

  • Internedservices offers a broad range of security services:

    • Anti-DDoS (Denial of Services)
    • IDS / IDP (Intrusion Detection Services)
    • Server certificates
    • DigiD authentication for websites
    • HSM (Hardware Security Module for Server certificaten)
    • Firewalling (shared and dedicated)
    • Antivirus / anti-spam
    • Security measures ISO 27001
    • Internedservices has 5 datacenters for disaster recovery
    • Internedservices is a 100% Dutch company
  • Cost efficient to the cloud

    You would like to reduce costs but also reap all benefits of cloud computing? We at Internedservices understand that you want to obtain your IT services as cost efficient as possible. That is why we offer you scalable and flexible solutions, making sure you only pay for what you use. This way you will never pay too much but you still have all advantages of the cloud. So you have more money to spend on your expertise: teaching.

    Our hybrid solutions offer you optimal cost efficiency. You can partially manage your own cloud and we take care of the rest. Of course this solution is also completely scalable and very flexible. We have a page about Hybrid cloud if you want to read more on the subject.

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  • Internedservices has successfully transitioned several educational institutions to the cloud.

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