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  • Thanks to IT, healthcare agencies can focus on the patient or client.

    Pieter Rahusen, Manager Market Development Public at Ricoh

Managed Hosting for the healthcare sector

The information that is shared within your organisation should be safely stored. It must always be available, but only for those who may have access to it. In addition, your applications and programs that run on your platform should remain up-to-date to ensure the safety of your data.

Managing such a platform is an art. It is therefore advisable to have this managed by a specialised party, with the right certifications that ensure your data is safely dealt with. The handing over of management is called Managed Hosting. Everything to do with management, maintenance and updates will be done for you so you can keep working on your expertise: providing healthcare. An additional advantage is that Managed Hosting in the long term is much more cost-effective than managing your own platform. This way you keep your costs low which is a very nice benefit.

  • Internedservices works for several healthcare organisations

    Many ministries, local authorities, public organisations, healthcare and education groups already make use of the services offered by Internedservices. In healthcare, we provide services for customers such as the Baalderborg Group, the Mirro Foundation, Evean, Reinaert Clinic, Wellbeing Work, Medical Center Haaglanden, VU University Medical Center, Parnassia Group Revant, Stay Group Cordaan, Rehabilitation Friesland, Maastricht UMC and many others.

    Internedservices is the perfect partner for the software vendor that offers its software as SaaS to organisations within the healthcare industry. The security facilities and certifications as well as our cloud solutions offer software vendors a stable base to provide customers with excellent SaaS solutions.

  • NEN 7510: information security in healthcare

    We attach great importance to online safety and good security. That’s why we have various ISO certifications, including ISO 27001 for information security.

    Specifically for the health sector, we have achieved the NEN 7510 certification, which pays special attention to privacy protection. The organisations this standard focuses on, range from individual healthcare providers to large healthcare institutions and other organisations, such as network organisations and health insurance companies, that are involved in the provision of information in healthcare.

  • Security, reliability and integrity

    KPN Internedservices understands the importance of safety, reliability and integrity of your data. The measures Internedservices takes aim to ensure this safety. These measures are therefore checked annually according to the ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and ISAE 3402 standards, and since early 2015 also in accordance with the NEN 7510 audit standard. In addition, the datacenters of Internedservices are certified according to ISO 14001 and meet several Dutch governmental guidelines, such as BIR, VIR and NCSC.

    iso-27001-2013 iso-9001-2008 iso-2000 isea-3402 nen-7510

  • Furthermore Internedservices offers a wide range of security services:

    • Anti-DDoS (Denial of Services)
    • IDS / IDP (Intrusion Detection Services)
    • Server certificates
    • DigiD authentication for websites
    • HSM (Hardware Security Module for Server certificaten)
    • Firewalling (shared and dedicated)
    • Antivirus / anti-spam
    • Security measures related to ISO 27001
    • Internedservices has 5 datacenters for disaster recovery
    • Internedservices is a 100% Dutch company
  • Scalable and flexible

    In the healthcare sector, it frequently happens that large groups of people need to shift to other locations, institutions or municipalities under the influence of political developments. This often leads to growth and/or decline within your healthcare organisation. This requires scalability in the IT landscape. The healthcare agency will have to move flexibly along with its IT environment without compromising availability or security. Internedservices provides that flexibility and scalability with cost efficiency in mind, thus ensuring stability in policymaking.

  • Internedservices manages and optimises your IT environment so you can keep focus on giving healthcare

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