National Government

  • Uptime

    The last thing you want is having no internet connection. Imagine ministers not being able to reach each other. 100% uptime is a must. That is why our 5 datacenters are backed up by generators so that they are always online. You can just keep doing what you are good at.

  • Security

    Security is the number one priority for governmental institutions. This includes the security of your IT. You don’t want sensitive information being leaked to the public. No government wants to appear on Wikileaks. That is why it is of the utmost importance for you to look seriously into the security of your data, to prevent a situation like that from happening to your organisation.

  • Certifications

    Assured of security. It is important that all IT service providers the government uses are fully ISO certified. This is difficult to realise when you use your own datacenter and systems. Internedservices is the IT service provider in the Netherlands with a triple ISO certification (ISO 20000, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001). We also dispose of an ISAE-3402 type II accreditation and PCI-DSS and ISO 14001 compliant datacenters that are situated in the Netherlands. We make sure you don’t have to worry about the safety of your online platforms.

  • “It was exciting and great that it works! Thank you very much.”

    – Leo de Waard, Interim Operations Manager Chamber of Commerce

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The many possibilities of the cloud

  • The cloud offers many possibilities and opportunities. As a governmental institution you can for example run services from the public cloud in your own private cloud. This way you reap the benefits of the services but you keep the security and integrity of your private cloud. The result is a cloud under your conditions.

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  • Internedservices serves several public institutions in the cloud.

    Many ministries, local authorities, public organisations, healthcare and education groups already use the services of Internedservices.

    Internedservices is the ideal partner for the software vendor wishing to offer its software as SaaS to governmental organisations. The security facilities, certifications and our broad range of cloud solutions offer software vendors a stable base to provide customers such as the government with excellent SaaS solutions.

  • The cloud that is trusted by the government

    High-quality IT solutions improve your business, but you want guarantees. We understand that all too well. We therefore go further than others in order to guarantee quality and safety. We are committed to safety and good security. That is why we have a triple ISO certification and are also NEN and ISAE certified.

    You can rest assured that we will continue to work to ensure the quality of our products. And we can also show this to you. Internedservices has been working successfully together with various government agencies.

  • Security, reliability and integrity

    You want all services and facilities to be as secure as possible. Internedservices understands the importance of security, reliability and integrity of your data. The actions Internedservices takes and the facilities it offers are designed to ensure that security.

    Internedservices offers a broad range of security services:

    • Anti-DDoS (Denial of Services)
    • IDS / IDP (Intrusion Detection Services)
    • Server certificates
    • DigiD authentication for websites
    • HSM (Hardware Security Module for Server certificates)
    • Firewalling (shared and dedicated)
    • Antivirus / anti-spam
    • Security measures ISO 27001
    • Internedservices has 5 datacenters for disaster recovery
    • Internedservices is a 100% Dutch organisation.
  • Internedservices takes care of all your concerns ensuring you are always online and secure.

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