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  • The cloud is the destination for your IT. But how do you get there?

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    You are convinced of the advantages the cloud has to offer; more flexibility, optimal scalability, higher speed and lower costs. So you basically know where you want to go. The only thing that is unclear is the road that leads there. What is involved in this transition? What about the complexity and integration of my current IT environment? What risks are there? An how about guarantees, security and compliance?

    With the Cloudscan by Internedservices you will learn where the cloud opportunities lie for your organization. The Cloudscan is available for organizations with more than 15 employees.

    What does the Cloudscan entail?

    Our cloud specialist will walk you through a series of questions in order to determine the possibilities (opportunities) and limitations of the cloud for your organization. Topics that will be discussed are:

    • What type of cloud solution are you interested in?
    • How is your current IT and/or cloud environment set up?
    • What are your strategic objectives?
    • What is the purpose of the specific applications, sites, databases, environments, workplaces, etc.?
    • What numbers are we talking about (users, data, workplaces, etc.)?
    • What sort of traffic is there, how is it exchanged and what confidentiality is required?
    • Are there any legal requirements as to the location of the data?
    • Which security measures have been taken? And which are desirable?
    • What are the performance requirements and how about the peak load?
    • How large is the risk of downtime?
    • How much internal IT knowledge is there about the (desired) environment?
    • Are there any compliance requirements?

    These are just a few of the questions our cloud specialist will discuss with you. Based on the answers we will advise you about the cloud opportunities for your enterprise.

    And what is the next step?

    This can be the starting point for us to initiate a (technical) deepdive in accordance with your needs and current environment. During this phase we will also draw up a business case for you.

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How do you move to the cloud successfully?

KPN Internedservices will help you with the transition to the cloud. Without any risk and according to a clear roadmap. Based on your specific needs and challenges. With hundreds of case studies and years of experience Internedservices has the knowledge and expertise to lead you to your destination safely. Internedservices is a partner of Microsoft for both Azure and Office 365 and has the right knowledge and references to bring you to the cloud (in phases).

Your workplaces or e-business in the (hybrid) cloud?

You want to have your workplaces in the (hybrid) cloud ? With our DeskHub solution your staff has access to your files and programs anytime, anywhere and from any device. But we can also assist you in bringing your e-business to the cloud safely and successfully.

At Internedservices, we work according to a clear procedure. With our proven 5-stage plan (investigate, design, build, operate, evaluate) you are assured of a successful and safe transition to the cloud. Which, by the way, may also be a phased transition. With the Internedservices cloudscan you will quickly know where the opportunities lie for your organization.

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