IT Security

Security is our top priority. We therefore optimally assist our customers when it comes to securing their online data.

As far as guaranteeing your (online) security is concerned you need a decisive, innovative partner. Internedservices is exactly that. We carefully choose the best applications available in the field of virus control, day to day management and all required certifications. So you can focus on doing business.

  • Anti-DDoS

    DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service and means that a lot of computers (from different places around the world) send a large number of connection requests to a server. Because the server concerned needs to process all of those requests simultaneously, the server (and thus the website that runs on the server) starts running very slowly and in some cases even becomes unreachable.

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  • Web Application Firewall

    Web applications are an important part of your business and a vital part of how customers communicate with you. Unfortunately, web applications can give hackers access to your data and website(s). Web application attacks are a major risk for your business. The average website has 56 vulnerabilities and a 50% chance of being attacked over 30 times this year.

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  • Threat Manager

    More companies are encountering different forms of online threats. Obviously you want to be protected against all forms of online threats in order to prevent your company’s sensitive information to be at risk and you being unreachable for some time. Threat Manager of Internedservices protects you against online threats 24/7.

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  • Log Manager

    The Log Manager solution simplifies securing your network and hosting environment and supports you in compliance management. Log Manager is the perfect tool to investigate where security incidents have occurred and to provide the report required for compliance needs.  Log Manager of Internedservices is a cloud based management solution designed to reduce the complexity and costs of log management.

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