• How does our Anti-DDoS service work?

    DDoS attacks are becoming more common and there are many different types of DDoS attacks. The Anti-DDoS service of Internedservices protects your organisation against these attacks and prevents you being unreachable for your customers. When your website is threatened with an attack or is even effectively being attacked, Internedservices is able to quickly deploy the cloud-based DDoS protection.

    The solution is very cost effective, does not require hardware or software installation and does not cost any management hours. The Anti-DDoS service protects your website using collective knowledge about DDoS threats, including new and emerging methods. This information is collected throughout the entire network in order to respond as quickly as possible in the event of a DDoS attack.

    Our DDoS security service can both detect and block DD0S attacks. Is there a rogue connection? It will be blocked so that you only get “clean” traffic on your website.

  • Any criminal can google ‘DDoS’ or ‘Botnet’ and get to work immediately.

    The first step is to reflect on the valuables which should never be compromised. Then a company can start taking measures.

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  • Why KPN Internedservices?

    With Internedservices, your data is always subject to Dutch law because we are a 100% Dutch company. Internedservices provides Anti-DDoS for a fixed monthly fee and it protects your organisation against all types of DDoS attacks.  We can also quicly deploy Anti-DDoS so that you are immediately protected against attacks.

    Anti-DDoS by Internedservices provides an inexpensive insurance against DDoS attacks, as a managed service, thus avoiding expensive hardware and overhead costs. There is no need to purchase multi-gigabit internet connections and you avoid high investments.

  • 26,61 hours

    Duration of the average DDoS attack


    of attacks lasts longer than a week!

  • What does Anti-DDoS protect against?

    This service provides complete protection against all types of DDoS threats:

    • Webapplication for protecting web servers (http(s))
    • DNS for protecting DNS servers
    • Infrastructure (BGP) ( SSH, FTP, Telnet, SMTP, etc.)

    This includes network-based attacks, such as SYN and UDP ‘floods’, and attacks specifically aimed at the application in order to overload it. In addition, content is cached for optimal performance, even when the site is attacked. Unique bot detection technology distinguishes between real users and automated visitors to stop sources of attack. This DDoS protection scales when needed (at your request) in order to stop multi-gigabit DDoS attacks.

  • Optimal protection of your uptime and data

    Of course, security is very important, your data is yours and nobody elses.

    DDoS Protection is the smart choice to prevent downtime, loss of income and damages incurred by your brand in case of a DDos attack.

    Our DDoS security service can both detect and block DDoS attacks. All traffic goes through proxy servers; your website visitors never end up on your server(s) directly.

    We regularly see that these solutions lead to high costs. Our Anti-DDoS solution offers an inexpensive insurance against DDoS attacks, as a managed service, thus avoiding expensive hardware and overhead costs.

    Our solution protects websites using collective knowledge about DDoS threats, including new and emerging methods.

  • 30000+

    great customers


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  • With the Anti-DDoS solution of Internedservices you no longer need to worry about online attacks, and you are always well protected.

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