PCI-DSS Compliant Hosting

  • What is PCI-DSS Hosting?

    There are many different standards for securing IT systems and architectures. The standard in security for handling credit card numbers, the storage of credit card data or the processing of payments, is set by the payment card industry (PCI). This standard, abbreviated as PCI DSS or simply PCI, is used worldwide to protect data associated with credit card validations. The PCI standard is publicly available and accessible through the PCI website.

  • All information about PCI-DSS Hosting:

“The safety benefits PCI Compliancy provides are crucial for the long term success of the entrepreneur who accepts credit card payments. Threats that may impact the organisation are constantly identified. Many organisations that have dealt with a data leak, never quite recover form this blow, because the damage is much more extensive than just the loss of data itself.”

– Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Magazine –


  • PCI-DSS Compliance

    To achieve PCI-DSS compliance, a number of requirements must be met, such as on infrastructure, software use, development process, systems management, administrative procedures and emergency procedures. The primary aim of all parts is to prevent credit card data leaks at all cost.

    A PCI-DSS compliant organisation will not automatically maintain its status. Depending on the type of merchant an on-site audit is conducted annually by a so-called Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). These auditors check whether you still work in accordance with the PCI-DSS standard. In addition, security scans have to be performed periodically. These scans are both external (penetration tests) and internal. In case of smaller merchants the annual on-site audit lapses, and truthfully completing the Self-Assessment Questionair (SAQ) suffices.

  • Why KPN Internedservices?

    Internedservices is a registered PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This means that we (can) take responsibility for a large number of the PCI DSS requirements. As far as all other components are concerned, we have extensive experience and we can perfectly support you. In addition, we relieve you by doing document management, filling PCI DSS roles and providing our procedures. This strongly relieves you as a customer where it comes to daily management, and simplifies the implementation of a PCI DSS compliant environment.

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