Microsoft Azure – Managed solution

  • To the cloud with Microsoft Azure

    Whether you stream videos, host a (high performance) site, analyse big data, manage applications in the cloud or develop SaaS; with managed Microsoft Azure of Internedservices you bring all of your programs, applications and services to the cloud very easily. And you are assured of unprecedented productivity and a flexible, scalable and worldwide available cloud platform that is compatible with your existing IT environment. Moreover, Internedservices provides a perfect implementation/deployment, 24/7 management and innovation. So you can focus on your core business and take full advantage of Azure.

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  • The advantages of Microsoft Azure, the leading public cloud platform

    • Reduced costs and increased flexibility and business agility
    • Unprecedented productivity and growing collection of services
    • Compatible with your existing IT environment
    • Perfectly scalable and pay per use
    • Built to protect your data
    • Available worldwide, with excellent performance

    The added value of Internedservices is the quality and the level of service they provide in the transition to the cloud.

    Author's imageMark WiertsemaSMB Cloud Sales Lead, Microsoft
  • Microsoft Azure with the managed services of Internedservices

    • Design, build and management by the cloud experts of Internedservices
    • The proper implementation/deployment expertise for a succesful migration
    • We ensure your Azure works perfectly, also in hybrid form
    • No more worries about patches, outages and updates
    • Quickly use new functionality
    • You can count on the best service and support
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  • Design of the perfect solution

    Azure door Internedservices experts

    Based on your needs and requirements we determine the ideal cloudmix for your organisation. Should there be a link with your exisiting IT environment and/or a private cloud? Our cloud experts will design the ideal solution for your situation.

  • Assistance in transition to the cloud

    Transitie naar cloud

    We assist you in the transition to the cloud and ensure the speed of that transition is in pace with your organisation. A transition to the cloud does not need to happen all at once, it may also take place in several stages (which is better in some cases).

  • Support & management by our specialists


    Our specialists provide patches, maintenance and updates so that your environment always works perfectly. They also proactively send notifications (complementary to Microsoft Azure) in order to reduce the risk of outages.

  • Continuous optimization and innovation


    The constant evolution of Microsoft Azure and the addition of new features can make it difficult to optimally use Azure. If you outsource the management to Internedservices we help you take full advantage of Azure.

  • Step by step to the cloud

    A transition to the hybrid cloud does not need to happen all at once. Often a phased transition is a better way to maximize the advantages of the cloud. For a successful transition to the cloud you should take a few steps.

    The cloud onboarding program of Internedservices leads you to the (hybrid) cloud successfully in 7 steps. The first step consists of identifying the needs and expectations of your internal and external organisation and mapping your current IT architecture. Curious about all steps? Then download our white paper ‘successfully to the cloud in 7 steps’ (Dutch only).

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  • Public, private or hybrid?

    Every way of working can be brought to the cloud, and depending on the needs and requirements, should be placed where it performs best. With all advantages of the cloud, such as scalability, cost savings and flexibility.

    Sometimes the best solution is to move everything to the public or private cloud. But often an organisation is better served with a hybrid cloud solution that combines the best of all worlds. You simply run your applications and workloads where they perform best. Depending on your needs and requirements Internedservices examines which solution best fits your situation.

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See what Microsoft Azure (and hybrid) can mean for your organisation (Dutch only)

  • 60% of companies see a future in hybrid cloud

  • Auto-scaling

    Microsoft Azure

    Is your product or service suddenly popular on Twitter? With the free auto-scaling feature Azure provides, you do not have to worry about unexpected traffic peaks. Your application scales automatically, as do your costs. Auto-scaling allows you to set limits for scales and scheme objectives to ensure customers always have a perfect experience. What can we help you with?

  • Ready for any company


    From small development and testing projects to global product introductions, Azure can handle any workload. More than 57% of the Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure. Customers include: Heineken, LG, Real Madrid, Saab, Samsung and Xerox. As Microsoft Cloud Partner, Internedservices has the full implementation expertise to bring you to the cloud successfully.

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