Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service

  • What is DRaaS?

    Being successful is a choice, but despite your best efforts an error can always occur. Online this can have major consequences. In case of loss of data you want to do everything you can to fix it as soon as possible.

    At times like these, you are happy that you have set up a Disaster Recovery plan. With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) your organisation is protected against the loss of valuable data and applications as a result of a disaster or disruption. DRaaS based on Microsoft Azure is the ideal solution that ensures an accurate recovery to the original situation.

  • Why Microsoft Azure Disaster Recovery as a Service:

    • Automate the security and recovery of virtual machines
    • Always up-to-date about the latest status
    • Different schemes – adjustable
    • Test without actual recovery
    • Everything Azure: replication and recovery
  • has given Azure Site Recovery the Editor Rating ‘EXCELLENT’

    “A perfect choice for the protection of different workloads on, inter alia, Hyper-V and VMware. A tight integration with the System Center makes Azure Site Recovery a no-brainer for Windows and System Center-centric operations.”

  • Automated protection after a crash or emergency in the cloud

  • Automated protection after a crash or emergency in the cloud

    Setting up the replication of your virtual machines can be easily done by yourself. With DRaaS you can protect several platforms: Hyper-V, VMware- and physical servers are possible and as recovery environment you choose Microsoft Azure or an alternative datacenter. Site Recovery takes care of the management and coordination of data with existing technologies like System Center and SQL Server AlwaysOn.

  • Orchestrated disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS)

    Site Recovery can automatically restore services in an orderly fashion if your primary datacenter fails. No matter how complex your workloads, all applications can be transferred in a coordinated manner.

    All your settings and backup plans are stored in Microsoft Azure. These plans can be arranged as you wish; Windows PowerShell scripts and Azure Automation runbooks can also be executed, as well as pauses when a manual action is to be performed. Networks are adjusted by assigning virtual networks between different sites.

  • Orchestrated disaster recovery as a service

  • Replication and recovery after emergency to Azure

  • Replication and recovery after emergency to Azure

    Replication of your workloads to Azure offers new possibilities. Applications can be migrated to Azure with a few clicks, or temporarily extended to Azure in case of peaks in the traffic. Run reports and analyses on copies of production workloads in Azure, without affecting users. Run development tests on new versions of applications with copies of live data and then set the new version seamlessly into production in your datacenter.

  • Why Internedservices?

    Internedservices is a Microsoft CSP partner. CSP stands for “Cloud Solution Provider”. Internedservices is one of the largest cloud providers in the Netherlands and understands the specific needs of its customers. Our experts are able to fulfill those needs with you appropriately and can find answers to your challenges. Additionally, Internedservices provides a perfect implementation, 24/7 management and innovation. Now you can focus on your core business and take full advantage of Azure.

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