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  • HTTPS and the SSL certificate

    In short an SSL certificate ensures that data between visitors and your website is exchanged through an encrypted connection. Connections are not secured by default and therefore information can be intercepted. An SSL certificate indicates that your website is trustworthy and that you respect the privacy of visitors. A secure website can be recognized through the padlock icon displayed at the beginning of the address bar of the browser. By clicking on this icon your visitors will be able to see your verified company information.

  • The advantages of an SSL certificate

    • Secure traffic to and from your website
    • Improved Google ranking
    • Visibly safer for your visitors
    • Trustworthy image
    • As of €3,30 per month

  • Basic

    Your domain is verified


    • Economical certificate
    • Quick validation
    • HTTPS protocol and recognizable padlock
    • 1 domain €3,30 p.m.
    • 40-256 bit encryption
    • Insurance up to $10.000

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  • Plus

    Your organization is verified


    • Validation by a trusted third party
    • Validation at company level
    • HTTPS protocol and recognizable padlock
    • 1 domain €5,84 p.m.
    • 40-256 bit encryption
    • Insurance up to $10.000

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  • Perfect

    Extensive verification

    SSL Perfect

    • Highest level of reliability
    • Very suitable for online shops
    • HTTPS protocol and green address bar
    • 1 domain €16,85 p.m.
    • 40-256 bit encryption
    • Insurance up to $250.000

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“Thanks to the SSL certificate by Internedservices I can not only guarantee the safety of my visitors , but also improve my Google ranking”

Helga KlaasseOnline shop owner
  • SSL by Internedservices


    In addition to the certificates of Sectigo, Internedservices also offers certificates from Thawte and Verisign. The prices and various options can be found in the shop.

  • SSL certificaten

Detailed information about SSL certificates by Internedservices

Security through SSL: security for visitors

More and more important and (privacy) sensitive data is being exchanged via the Internet daily. For example personal, banking or order information. This often happens without encryption, allowing others to read and use all traffic to and from your website. An SSL certificate encrypts this data. The verification process involved guarantees your visitors that they are actually doing business with you. By making use of an SSL certificate, your visitors will not only see that you, as website owner, are verified but also which organization was responsible for this verification.

Choose from different vendors

SSL certificates come in many different types. The main difference is the number of FQDNs (complete URLs) that can be used with one certificate, and the way a certificate is validated. The validation process influences the amount of information shown in the certificate. SSL certificates are provided by various vendors. Sectigo is Internedservices’s preferred vendor because of its excellent price/performance ratio; however, on request Thawte and Symantec certificates can also be provided. All vendors are monitored by authorized bodies and need to meet strict requirements. The difference in price is mainly caused by the method of validation used by the vendor. All certificates provide the same level of encryption for securely transmitting your data.

Different types of certificates

There are SSL certificates with different levels of security:

  • An SSL Certificate with domain validation (EssentialSSL) does not contain any information on the owner. This makes these certificates especially suitable when the identity of the website is less important. Of course, all data is sent with a 256-bit encryption.
  • A certificate with organization validation – the InstantSSL certificate – in addition to an encrypted connection also contains verified company information. This allows the visitor to see who is the owner of the website. When an SSL certificate is used for e.g. an online shop it is important you give the visitor a sense of security. This can be achieved through the owner data in the certificate.
  • The next level up from the familiar padlock in the address bar: an address bar that turns green thus indicating your site is trustworthy and secure. The Extended Validation SSL certificate is especially designed to increase the security of e-commerce as well as the protection against phishing attacks. The green bar helps you to increase customer confidence and loyalty as well as to reduce the premature discontinuation of the ordering process. The issuing of an EV SSL certificate is preceded by an extensive validation process to ensure the applicant meets all requirements for the use of said certificate. These strict conditions ensure the green bar can only be associated with reliable organizations and well-secured websites. Of course, we will assist you in this process and will ensure the certificate is issued.
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