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  • Domain names

    You want to launch a website or register a new domain name? With Internedservices registering a new domain name is easy, but we also offer a growth path for your website. Think of webhosting, webshops and Hosted Exchange. Use the domain checker to see if your desired domain name is still available and register directly.

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  • Webhosting

    You want your website to be online fast, simple and well. Webhosting from Internedservices is the right choice: enough capacity for all of your pages, suited for different types of CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal) and professional support by our engineers. The flexible packages of Internedservices offer exactly what you need, now and in the future.

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  • Webshop Software

    As an online company you are looking for the best method to sell your products or services. A well-functioning e-commerce environment is essential. This will help you beat the competition.

    Therefore, you are looking for solutions that can support you with this. A webshop that works with you and ensures optimum conversion for example, and an organisation that is knowledgeable and understands the importance of smart ICT.

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  • Cloud Server

    Your websites and/or applications must be available always and everywhere and for that you need your own server. You want to have full flexibility and the server must be located in a Dutch datacenter that meets all security demands. And you don’t want to invest a lot of money. Internedservices offers all of the above.

    The cloud servers of Internedservices are available in clear standard packages which you can edit however you want. You can choose Windows or Linux, with or without back-ups. And you can choose a Service Level Agreement that suits your needs. Check the packages here:

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  • Virtual Data Center

    Do you manage your own server for e-mail or filesharing on-premise? Or do you rent colocation space to house the server of your website? Then you know how much time and investment is required to keep the performance and capacity of these servers up-to-date. With Virtual Data Center (VDC) of Internedservices you have access to your own virtual server, but expanding capacity or increasing performance is done instantly. All without one-time investment.

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  • Managed Hybrid Cloud

  • SSL Certificates

    An SSL certificate will encrypt all the data that is exchanged between a visitor and your website. By default, a website is served over http which is unencrypted, making it vulnerable for interception. With an SSL certificate you tell your visitors that your website can be trusted and that you respect their privacy. For the visitor your safe website can be recognised by the little lock icon shown before the url in the address bar of the browser. By clicking the icon the verified company information can be read.

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  • Online Backup

    Do you want to store your company data in the cloud secure and fast? With Online Backup this will be easier than ever and you give your important files the place they deserve. No more issues with tapes or external hard drives, but your files always available in the cloud.

    Flexibility is key with online backup. You can easily expand or decrease your capacity. The service can be cancelled every month so no more long-term contracts.

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