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    You want to launch a new website or register a new domain name? At Internedservices we do not only register your domain name, but we also provide the perfect growth path for your website. For example consider webhosting, ecommerce software and hosted exchange. The domain checker below allows you to check whether your desired domain name is available, and to register it immediately.

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    • Register a domain name quickly and easily
    • Easy to expand with for example webhosting
    • New extensions (such .guru en .host) are also available
    • Expert support from our helpdesk
    • Over 25,000 clients preceded you

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  • Interesting expansions

    • Hosted Exchange – from € 8,28 p.m.
    • 1 POP3 mailbox – € 2,63 p.m.
    • 5 POP3 mailbox – € 5,23 p.m.
    • 10 POP3 mailbox – € 7,86 p.m.

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  • New extensions available

    The web is gradually expanded with hundreds of new domain name extensions. This offers you the opportunity to be creative and choose a powerful extension such as .guru, .host, .expert, .support etc. instead of the more common extensions (such as, .fr and .com). Check whether your desired domain name is available and register it immediately.

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Detailed and Technical information about domain names by Internedservices

Transferring your domain?

Have you registered your domain name through a different provider?

Of course you can transfer it to Internedservices. However with respect to transferring a domain name different rules apply to different extensions. Apart from the registration fee, no extra fees are charged for transferring a domain name. Transferring a domain name and newly registering a domain name are therefore equally priced. TIP: do not forget to notify your current provider of this transfer. Make sure you are aware of the cancellation procedure in due time, since this differs per provider.

Transferring your domain name immediately?

Fill out the domain name concerned in the Internedservices webshop. A message will appear stating the domain needs to be transferred. Select the extension you wish to register with Internedservices. You will then be prompted to specify a removal code. This code can be requested from the provider the domain is currently registered with. Continue the ordering process. The transfer is set in motion for you after having agreed to this. If Internedservices is not able to complete this process, you will be contacted. You can follow the progress in For some extensions other conditions apply.

A removal code is also called an EPP code, token or authorization code. Many providers offer the possibility to retrieve this through their management portal. If you do not receive the removal code from your current provider or you do not succeed in placing your order, the Internedservices Sales Service Center is at your service. Contact us at 088 – 480 3000.

Is the domain not in your name yet?

If the domain is currently not in your name, but will be transferred to you, in addition to the transfer you also need to change the registrant information. A fee will be charged for this. This fee differs per extension and more information on these fees can be obtained from the Sales Service Center. Registrant changes are always supported by Internedservices. A transfer form for this purpose can be obtained via

External referral or redirect?

If you have a domain name registered with Internedservices, you can redirect it to another domain name or IP address in several ways.

External referral.

This is a referral based on IP address. You make a referral on the Internedservices server to an existing IP address the other website runs on. This can be set in the DNS data of the domain in If you refer to an IP address outside the Internedservices network, you need to make sure the other provider is willing to link your domain name to the website. Internedservices does not charge any fees for an external referral.

Add as alias.

You have an Internedservices webhosting package on and you want to refer hereto. This is easily fixed. Just create an alias in the settings of your webhosting package for any given domain registered at Internedservices.

Redirect through URL forwarding.

In case of a redirect through URL forwarding, the domain name in the address bar changes. The domain name managed by Internedservices refers to a domain name hosted by a different provider. For URL forwarding a fee is charged, which you will be informed of during the setup process of the redirect in

Redirect by means of Frame Forwarding.

This means the visitor is imperceptibly redirected to another location. The domain name managed by Internedservices refers to a domain name hosted by a different provider.

Privacy Services

Do you want your personal details to be hidden in a Whois lookup? Then the Privacy Service is just what you need. All your details will be hidden and replaced by a proxy. As a domain name holder you keep full access to the management of your domain name.


  • We mask ALL of the contact data
  • The proxy will be the entity listed as the registrant in the Whois
  • Available for all ICANN governed TLD’s (gTLDs and New-gTlds)
  • Automated generation of unique mail address per masked. contact, with received mails forwarded to the real contact.
  • Proxy solution is compliant with registrant veri cation, ERRP, Whois-data reminders, and ICANN escrowing requirements.
Automatic renewal

A domain name registered with Internedservices does not need to be renewed, since this is done automatically. You will receive a message with regard to this renewal on the email address you provided at registration. Cancelling a domain name can be done through Find the domain name concerned and choose the option Do Not Renew.If a domain is cancelled, the registrant will receive an email confirmation thereof. This email contains instructions on what to do if you decide you wish to keep the domain after having cancelled it. Please note that you will be charged for reactivation of domain names. Since the fees differ per extension, please contact us by telephone on +31 (0)88 – 480 3000 for the exact costs. The above is in accordance with the general terms and conditions of ICANN.

DNSSEC standard for all .NL domain names

All .NL, .BE and .EU domain names have DNSSEC implemented by default. DNSSEC is an extension to the Domain Name System (DNS). DNSSEC solves a number of vulnerabilites in DNS which makes the internet safer. It adds a digital signature to the informaties in the DNS. This ensures that everyone that is searching for your website is really ending up on your website. The website of the SIDN will give you even more information.

General conditions for extensions

Are you curious as to the general conditions of certain domain name extensions? The association of registrars maintains a list of extensions and their general conditions (in Dutch). If you are missing the conditions for a certain domain extension, let us know and we’ll send you these.

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