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  • Webhosting by Internedservices in brief

    You want to launch your website quickly, easily and well. Webhosting by Internedservices makes this possible: enough capacity for all your pages, suitable for different types of CMS (for example WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal) and an expert support department at your service. Webhosting by Internedservices provides everything you need to set up a professional website. Perfect for now and built to last into the future.

  • Why choose hosting at Internedservices:

    • Always sufficient capacity and superfast loading times.
    • Suitable for WordPress, Joomla!, Magento, etc.
    • Expert support from our helpdesk.
    • Over 25,000 clients preceded you.

  • Webhosting Basic

    Great starting point

    Webhosting Basic

    • (+ one time €10,46)
      Prices excluding VAT
    • Incl. 1 subdomain
    • 350 MB disk space
    • This package does not contain a database. Please note: do you want a WordPress, Drupal or Joomla! site? Then choose Plus or Perfect.
    • See detailed specifications
    Order directly
  • Webhosting Plus

    Perfect for e.g. WordPress

    Webhosting Plus

    • (+ one time €10,46)
      Prices excluding VAT
    • Incl. 10 subdomains
    • 750 MB disk space
    • Multiple subdomains possible and with database included, which is required for use with CMS such as WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal.
    • See detailed specifications
    Order directly
  • Webhosting Perfect

    For larger projects

    Webhosting Perfect

    • (+ one time €10,46)
      Prices excluding VAT
    • Incl. 25 subdomains
    • 1750 MB disk space
    • Contains a database. Highly suitable for online shops and sites with many visitors. Internedservices also offers a complete ecommerce package.
    • See detailed specifications
    Order directly

“Thanks for the great and fast service moving from the old to the new hosting environment.”

Richard ten HoevePhotodigital.nl

Detailed and technical information about webhosting by Internedservices

All specifications of the webhosting packages


5 extra subdomains€ 5,23€ 5,23
Disk space350 MB750 MB1750 MB
Extra web space 250 MB€ 5,23€ 5,23
Bandwidth5 GB10 GB25 GB
5 GB extra bandwidth€ 10,46€ 10,46
MySQL 5 with phpMyAdmin1 included5 included
– MySQL users1 included5 included
Technical MySQL managementIncludedIncluded
1 extra MySQL database€ 5,23€ 5,23
Mailboxes POP (512 MB per box)5 included10 included25 included
1 Extra POP Box (512 MB per box)€ 2,63€ 2,63
5 Extra POP Boxes (512 MB per box)€ 5,26€ 5,26
Mailing list€ 5,26€ 5,26
Custom error messagesIncludedIncluded
FTP accounts111
Access logfiles with FTP€ 5,26Included
Memory64 MB128 MB256 MB


Perfect quality and service

If you choose webhosting by Internedservices you can rely on the best quality and service. This webhosting runs on Managed Hybrid Cloud, which allows us to guarantee you a high uptime. In addition to this, our support department provides expert support where needed. With Internedservices webhosting you can have a carefree online business.

Windows or Linux hosting

Nearly all clients of Internedservices choose Linux Webhosting. This type of hosting is suitable for:

  • Websites created in HTML
  • Websites that make use of a MySQL database (e.g. WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal)
  • PHP4 & PHP5

When working with ASP or APS.net and a Microsoft SQL 2008 database, choose Windows Webhosting (suitable for an Umbraco or Kentico CMS).

Expanding and Upgrading

Need more specifications than those provided by your webhosting package? No problem, you can easily expand your webhosting package or even upgrade it through mijn.is.nl. This is then realized for you in seconds. Are you in doubt whether you need an expansion? Please contact the Internedservices Sales Service Center at +31 (0)299 – 476 185

Mailing List

You could for example choose to expand your package with the mailing list feature. This feature allows you to set up a community and facilitate the exchange of information. You can, for example, create a newsletter for your company. You appoint an administrator for the mailing list and decide who is allowed to send emails to this list. Users are able to subscribe and unsubscribe and will receive a confirmation thereof if desired. The mailing list feature is available as an option for Webhosting Plus and Perfect.

  • Consult Laura

    -Webhosting specialist-

    “Whatever you want to know about hosting,
    I am here to answer all of your questions!
    Together we will find
    the perfect solution for you”

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