Hosted Desktop, your workplace in the cloud

  • Working in the Cloud with Hosted Desktop

    The New Way of Working has become a familiar concept. Organizations recognize the benefits of working in the cloud, as Hosted Desktop (or VDI) is also referred to. A flexible workplace ensures you are able to work anytime and anywhere; at the office, from home, but also on the train. You always have access to your documents and programs through your internet connection. And Hosted Desktop is not only easy to use and flexible, but also reduces your IT management costs. Research shows that you can save 40 to 60 percent with virtualized workplaces.

  • The advantages of Hosted Desktop

    • Flexibility due to an online desktop.
    • Sharing files in the cloud more easily.
    • Easy to add or remove users.
    • Provides insights into costs per user and per department.
    • Own business applications also available online.
    • As of €30,25 per month


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  • “DeskHub provides continuity, convenience and flexibility. You use what you need, and pay only for what you use.”

    – Marc van Wijngaarden, Van den Tweel Groep

Your virtual office environment

Hosted Desktop by Internedservices offers you a complete desktop in the cloud. An online office environment increases the flexibility and productivity of your employees and lowers your IT costs. Internedservices will make sure it works for you: we will set up your virtual office surroundings on our servers, which are housed in Dutch datacenters, thus making them subject to Dutch law. We will also make sure your documents and applications are only accessible to you and the employees authorized by you. With integrated Microsoft applications such as Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, co-operating is easier than ever before.

What is included in Hosted Desktop?


Adobe Reader
Compression software

Per user

File storage 5 GB
Fair use Internet access
from Hosted Desktop
Backup 3 GB


Workgroups with file shares
Personal C-drive

Integration with own applications

Moving to an online workplace seems like quite an operation. You probably have been working with specific programs for a long time and are now wondering whether you can still use these when moving to the cloud. Fortunately, it is possible to integrate and use your own applications. This makes the move to an online office much easier.

Security with Two Factor Authentication

You do not need to worry about the security of your Hosted Desktop. Internedservices offers you the possibility to secure your desktop with Two Factor Authentication. This additional step during login makes it virtually impossible for attackers to take over an account from you and abuse it.

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