Skype for Business, the professional instant messaging solution

  • Skype for Business in brief

    Skype for Business by Internedservices allows you to co-operate with your colleagues easier than ever before! The professional instant messaging program Microsoft Skype for Business ensures your mailboxes will no longer fill up with internal mail. Thus increasing the efficiency of your internal communication by facilitating business chatting, video conferencing, Skype to Skype calling and file sharing. Skype for Business works perfectly with Hosted Exchange.

  • What Skype for Business offers

    • Business chat and Skype to Skype calling
    • Video conferencing
    • File sharing
    • Collaborating on documents

  • Skype_for_Business

    Microsoft Skype for Business can only be used in combination with Hosted Exchange.

    • Works both mobile and on your pc.
    • Collaborating effectively anywhere.
    • Easily share documents.

    € 3,14 p.m.

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    • Skype for Business icon

      The chat feature of Microsoft Skype for Business allows you to quickly connect with colleagues. You can easily invite other colleagues to a conversation in order to always directly involve the right people.

    • Video conference

      Starting a video conference requires only a single touch. The video conference feature allows you to invite up to 5 persons to your conversation. Participants can attend either from a PC or from a mobile device.

    • Skype for Business share screen

      During a Microsoft Skype for Business conversation or meeting, you can easily share information for example via your desktop, PowerPoint, a whiteboard or OneNote. Resulting in a significant increase in the effectiveness of your communication.

    • Skype for Business calling

      Does a conversation via chat not suffice? With Microsoft Skype for Business you can just as easily call your contacts. Even on the road you can easily use this feature through the Microsoft Skype App.

*Existing customers can order Skype for Business through If you are not a customer yet, please apply for Hosted Exchange first in order to be able to make use of Skype for Business.

“With Skype for Business by Internedservices co-operating with colleagues is easier than ever before. This program is highly recommended for everyone”

Miranda Dijksman, staff employee

Detailed information about Skype for Business by Internedservices

Skype for Business with Hosted Exchange and Hosted SharePoint

Skype for Business can be added to your Hosted Exchange or SharePoint account. This adds two really useful features to these services. You can always see whether your colleagues are available, absent or engaged. And you are able to contact them directly through chat messages, enabling you to connect with them much faster if necessary. Besides, this is a much nicer way of working together.

Skype for Business, also on the road

You don’t need to be sat at your desk to use this handy instant messaging program. With the Skype-app for smartphone or tablet you can also keep in contact with your colleagues when traveling or on-site. Does your organization already have a Hosted Exchange or SharePoint account and are you interested in Skype for Business? You can easily add this to your account through

Skype for iPhone  Skype 2013 for Android 

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