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You want smart connectivity between your employees at different locations?


Choose CrossNet™. All of your connections easily managed.

  • We will gladly inform you about what CrossNet™ could mean for your organization!

  • Your locations and applications easily connected

    You want smart connectivity between your employees at different locations? CrossNet™ by Internedservices lets you easily and centrally manage connectivity between your locations and applications. With full capacity utilization of your connectivity. Furthermore CrossNet™ is highly scalable; you can simply add new or remove existing connections.

    Are you curious what CrossNet™ could mean for your organization? Request a free consultation at the top of this page. We will then contact you in order to see what the CrossNet™ solution could mean for your organization. You can also contact one of the Internedservices specialists at +31 (0)299 – 476 185.

  • Why choose CrossNet™ by Internedservices?

    Maximum performance
    • Flexible and secure management of connectivity between locations and applications.
    • Speed: full utilization of your connectivity capacity.
    • Centralization: multiple locations seamlessly connected at high speed.
    • Perfectly suited for intranet solutions.
    • Connectivity: ADSL (2), VDSL (2), SDSL, Ethernet over Copper, Extended Ethernet, Fiber, VPN, HTTPS, SSL.
    Cost saving and flexible
    • Safe on costs for security as your subsidiaries are safely connected via CrossNet™ without using the public internet.
    • Scalable: you can simply add new or remove existing connectivity.
    • Every location of your company network is perfectly adjusted to your specific needs.
    • One point of contact.
    Secure, compliant and high availability
    • Internet access passes through the central CrossNet™ internet gateway, which includes a Firewall.
    • The central Firewall enables simple central implementation of a unified internet access security policy.
    • ISO 27001 certified datacenters in the Netherlands.

“We have CrossNet connectivity between our regional offices and the head office. For maximum performance we have separated voice and data. It’s a solution that we find works well.”

Aria Kleywegt, Bouwend Nederland