Hybrid Cloud

  • The advantages of the hybrid cloud

    • Excellent mix of private and public cloud (Azure).
    • Lower costs by maximizing cost efficiency.
    • Easy to make quick use of new features.
    • Phased transition to hybrid is possible.
    • Flexible and scalable; easy to upscale in case of peaks.
    • Important data remains in-house.
  • Hybrid cloud is the future

    Nowadays you can choose from a variety of cloud types, such as private, public or hybrid. But which of these is the best for your situation? Mostly companies do not want to share the infrastructure used for business-critical applications with others. Keeping grip on their own data and having control over the location and ownership of data are important reasons for choosing a private cloud.

    On the other hand, public cloud offers more flexibility at a lower cost (pay-per-use). The hybrid cloud offers the best of both worlds. You yourself can determine the ideal mix and choose which business processes and applications to run and where to run them.

60% of all companies sees a future in hybrid cloud


Optimal hybrid cloud with Microsoft Azure and Internedservices

Microsoft Azure is a global public cloud platform which offers excellent performance, high scalability and hybrid options for connecting to a private cloud and/or on-premise infrastructure. Internedservices – as the first Hosted Service Provider for Azure in the Netherlands – possesses the implementation expertise to take you to the hybrid cloud successfully; a seamless interaction between your company’s servers, Managed Hybrid Cloud and the infinite capacity and building blocks of  Microsoft Azure, the leading public cloud.

Internedservices will assist you in finding the right hybrid solution for your business case. You decide what business processes to run and where to run them. We will help you set up your platform optimally from the perspective of users, costs, performance and security. By joining Internedservices you are assured of extensive knowledge and expertise, optimal security (data in the Netherlands) and dedicated professionals with your success as their starting point.

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More than 20 years of experience and over 30,000 references

Since its foundation in 1996, Internedservices has helped tens of thousands of clients with their IT and cloud issues. As a result of this, we understand our clients’ IT needs and we can offer you the fastest, best and most economical solutions. Check out some of our client case studies below.

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