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  • You are convinced of the advantages the cloud has to offer. The only thing that is unclear is the road that leads you there. What is involved in this transition? What about the complexity and integration of my current IT environment? Is hybrid cloud an option? And what about guarantees, security and compliance? All of these are valid questions, Internedservices will provide answers to.

  • In addition to our 3 premium cloud solutions, Internedservices offers a wide range of managed services. These services help you get the most out of your IT. For example, we can move your IT to the cloud wholly or partially. But we can also assist you with the technical management of your operating system, database or applications. Moreover, Internedservices can support you with security (anti-DDoS and Threat & Log Management), migration services, managed hosting, service management and numerous other matters. Do you want to move your IT to the Cloud (wholly or partially)? Request the free Cloudscan.

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  • From design to management

    Although no company is the same, they do all face the same question: what is the best way to set up our IT? Internedservices helps you answer this question and sets up your IT in such a way that you benefit from an improved performance and/or lower costs and more flexibility. We can offer you support during the entire IT lifecycle, from design to management.

  • Security Services

    Security is an essential component of any cloud solution. Whether it is a simple website with a contact form or a database containing personal information, hackers lurk to intercept your data. Internedservices offers security solutions at any level; from SSL certificates and spam and virus filters, to firewalls, DDoS protection, VPN solutions and Threat & Log Management.

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  • Managed Hosting

    Your e-business hosted stable and cost-effective in the cloud? Internedservices can help you manage your operating system and ensure a stable platform including patches, updates, monitoring and changes. But we can also assist you with database and application management. We have experience with various types of systems and can help you with installation, hosting and technical management.


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More than 20 years of experience and over 30,000 references

Since its foundation in 1996, Internedservices has helped tens of thousands of clients with their IT and cloud issues. As a result of this, we understand our clients’ IT needs and we can offer you the fastest, best and most economical solutions. Check out some of our client cases below.

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